You have taken all

my joy is the sand
that is running through my fingers

my wisdom is a ball of string
being unraveled
into nothing

You have all
And all I feel is emptiness

Gazing through a space

I am gazing, gazing through a space
That, as is it´s nature, separates

A blackness, an emptiness I see
Something separate, there is something in between
Us, I see, not one

I long for finality
I am looking for it
There is no wall, no barriers
Just space

A space to be crossed
But nothing is a better guard, than something that is empty
For as long as I am,

I am gazing, gazing through a space

A Strange Thought

It is a strange thought
to think,

That this is not my voice speaking
That these are not my thoughts I am bearing

It is a scary thought
to think,

That these are not my feet walking
Or not my voice talking
That I don´t do any thinking

It is just you
I know you there, I see you
But here, I don´t see
It is dark,

Who is here?


Nothing out there can make happy
Nothing out there can make sad

It is all just happenings
when in here is (…)

All out there moves and soothes
but here is a hole that I am not able to lose
Filling, replacing, killing and hoping
all just disappears but does not fill

To conquer the world with its riches
or to obtain control of all desires
is not enough

What remains after this is all gone?