by Paul Schmidt

Sneakered feet hover-glide
then drop home
onto the asphalt below and before me
Could gravity be defined as exalting?
Is this what is meant as a bond?

Walking just walking
Each planted step I become a tree
and know its feel…
being of the ground,
the primal solidarity which celebrates in height

Walking down the middle of the street
I couldn’t fall out of rhythm
or take a false step if I tried
A cat skip-arches across up ahead,
out of the source of laughter

All of god’s creation
now gathered in a walking body
The solid river moving beneath us
I am king
The world at my toe steps

One Response to Walking

  1. dan says:

    Nice. Reminiscent of a feeling when everything feels lined up. I wonder though if Paul is talking about something like a realization?

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