Question (in rhyme) Is it best to have y…

Question (in rhyme)

Is it best to have your way,
Even at the end of the day?
As dawn approaches and darkness encroaches
And my soul cries out to say Hey!
This wasn’t so different, anyway,
From the way things were yesterday
Would I have it my way or would I let
Life have its day?

I was eagerly hoping for a roll in the hay
But all that I seem to get nowaday
Is something else rather, seemingly more
Like an endless galore
Of wishes and ways that look nothing
At all
Like the ones I would have
If I were in control.

So I tell me again ‘let them go!
Let them stray!’
I will gather my sheep and go forth from
The bay
To the inner way
To the inner way
And let life have its day.

Bleakness and Survival

Do we have to view life as bleak and serious in order for us to survive? Somewhere along the way to adulthood I picked up this belief. Somewhere Rose said that “life doesn’t take you seriously. So why take it so seriously?” I miss the period when I could allow relaxation and enjoyment to be a part of my daily life, and I didn’t see that they would conflict with my survival. Back then I didn’t see myself racing with time and competing against the whole world.